Technical Support

Siquijor Water Sports Inc is a full-service dive center which also includes diving for Technical Decompression Dives. Our trained staff can guide and assist in shore support, safety and emergency procedures.  With a dedicated boat, support staff, guides and professional gas blending equipment we can assist any technical diver and their individual requirements.  We suggest any technical divers who are interested to contact us directly in order to design dives to their expectations.

CCR Support

Siquijor Divers has multiple staff trained in the use and diving of several types of Rebreathers.  With technical diving and trimix gases increasing in price the Rebreathers are an excellent way to discover and explore new areas and also are our primary choice for diving the Silinog Wreck.  We can assist you with consumables such as Sofnolime 797 in either a Keg or per Kilo price.  Oxygen and Helium are available along with the use of our Hydraulics International booster pump to achieve 200bar or greater tank pressures.  Please ensure your cells, batteries and other important gear is refreshed and carry spares.  It is very difficult to get parts and equipment to Siquijor is short time frames.  All Rebreather divers are encouraged to contact us directly to discuss plans and help us understand individual requirements.  Please note that we do NOT instruct, repair, service, rent nor give experience dives on any Closed-Circuit Rebreathers.  We can suggest places to purchase and train on similar Rebreathers to those which we prefer.


We carry a constant supply of Medical Grade Helium.  Advanced notice of a group of technical or CCR divers is required in order that we have adequate supplies on hand.


Medical grade Oxygen is always on site here with ample to go around. You can never be too prepared!

Booster Pump

We have a large gas driven booster pump available for technical and CCR divers who wish to blend their own personal mixes.


We carry Sofnolime 797 for our Rebreather customers.  Please contact us well in advance of your trip to ensure that we able to order and have ample supplies for all your dives with us.