Discover Scuba Diving

If you have never dived before and are curious to see the amazing underwater life around San Juan, up close and personally, a Discover Scuba Diving course is just the ticket for you.  A short ½ day course is all it takes.  With a short and comprehensive theoretical lesson with explanations of the basics of Scuba Diving and then a lesson in Equipment and Setup, we then move onto a lesson of a few necessary skills to ensure safety and familiarity with the equipment.  After your instructor feels you can preform these simple skills you are off for a short dive in shallow waters to explore with your highly trained instructor right beside you to watch over you and to point out some of the amazing life forms within our waters.

The Open Water Diver Course

So you’ve decided that diving is the sport for you! Well, the first step in the many available courses, is the Open Water Diver course.  This course is a 4 to 5 day course with Theoretical materials in the form of books and videos.  You will learn about basic dive physics, physiology and techniques.  After the theoretical learning is complete you will head into shallow water or a swimming pool for Confined Water lessons during which your instructor will teach and demonstrate properly all of the skills that are needed for you to become a competent Open Water Diver.  Once these skills are demonstrated to the instructor with confidence, you will head out into the open water, first with shallow dives and then progressing deeper with each dive.  During these 4 or 5 dives the skills will be reviewed and more skills will be added, while your confidence in diving increases.  Four  (4) dives are the minimum required by most agencies, but with SWS we are certified in teaching the CMAS format for which there is a required fifth dive with additional skills and knowledge. 

Deep Diver