The philosophy here at Siquijor Water Sports Inc is one where we are always trying to improve the safety and preparedness for any emergency situation that may be encountered. We have therefore invested heavily in the equipment and supplies needed to be prepared. As a former Paramedic, the founder, insists on a high level of training, preparedness and tools at hand

Automated External Defibrillator

We have one, if not the only AED within the local region. This AED is available for use by anyone who has a suspected Cardiac Emergency including the local clinic or ambulance. We also have the accompanying Training Unit to ensure that locals and our staff have access to training and use of this invaluable tool.


We keep a significant amount of Medical grade Oxygen onsite with a minimum of two fully functioning Oxygen delivery kits. We insist on Oxygen being supplied and available on every one of our boats in the event of an emergency situation while at sea diving or snorkelling.

First Aid

Several First Aid kits and supplies are located around our facility and also on our boats in waterproof boxes. Our staff are trained in their use for unexpected injuries.

Spine Board

A full spine immobilisation board with straps and head bed is located at our shop in the event of any traumatic injury incurred nearby. We strive to make any an all of our water-sport experiences very safe but unfortunately accidents or incidents can happen anywhere. We are prepared for most emergency situations here through equipment and training.

Marine Radio

Every passenger vessel in the Philippines is required to carry a Marine Radio enabling emergency broadcasts to Marine Channel 16. Our boats at Siquijor Divers all have emergency radios.  We also have a base station at our shop which monitors Channel 16 and enables us to communicate with our boats on public channels as well.  On our boats we monitor Channel 16 in the event of a nearby emergency.  In this case………….